Lunch at Hortensia House Restaurant

A few days ago, we have been invited at Hortensia House. An exclusive Asturian gastronomy Restaurant. With 25 years of experience in Madrid, is the quintessential Asturian Restaurant founded by Don Jose Luis Nuñez and Doña Adela Basteiro.

Something that surprised us is that it is not a restaurant to door Street, but it is on the second floor of a building. Going up we found with a classic décor and tantalizing aromas that open up even more our appetite.

The kitchen is run by Chef Basteiro Adela who prepares some homemade dishes based on traditional Asturian and Galician food, referring to the stew, baked sea bream, roast lamb, among others.Casa-Hortensia-Adela-BasteiroHere is a small simple of the wonderful and exciting dishes you can choose from in the restaurant.Casa-Hortensia-Los-Arys-Blog-1Casa-Hortensia-Los-Arys ok-Blog-1 copiaCasa-Hortensia-Los-Arys ok-Blog-1 copiaAs we sat down we were waiting for a generous helping of “Cabrales cheese” (blue type cheese that is made in the Principality of Asturias, from cow’s milk, goats or obelisk). It had a stronger flavor comparing with the blue cheese and to accompany, the bread of Hortensia House was ideal.Queso de Cabrales Casa-Hortensia-Los-Arys-Blog4Pan-de-Casa-Hortensia-Los-Arys-BlogWe chose a starter of “Galician octopus” with one of their star dishes, the “Roman Hake”. We can guarantee the quality of them, as the taste, will conquer and will satisfy the most demanding palates.Pulpo-Casa-Hortensia-Los-Arys-BlogThe White colour of the crusted hake guarantees us that it is very fresh and delicious. Merluza-a-la-romana-Casa-Hortensia-Los-Arys-Blog1Merluza-a-la-romana-Casa-Hortensia-Los-Arys-BlogWent to a asturian restaurant and not tried the bean stew is like travelled to Argentina and not eat the famous “Asado Argentino”. So we did not think more and ordered a bean stew with clams and traditional Asturian bean stew. The preparation of the dishes are based on high quality raw materials. Adela Basteiro travels at Asturias where personally collects the beans. This selection is harvested exclusively for Hortensia House.

To be presented in the table, the beans require 5 hours of preparation and the result is wonderful!

CLAM STEW ( FABADA DE ALMEJAS )Fabes-con-almejas-Casa-Hortensia-Los-Arys-Blog-1Fabes-con-Almejas-Casa-Hortensia-Los-Arys-BlogTRADITIONAL ASTURIAN STEW (FABADA TRADICIONAL ASTURIANA)Fabada-Asturiana-Casa-Hortensia-Los-Arys-Blog1Fabada-Asturiana-Casa-Hortensia-Los-Arys-Blog They said this type of food provided should be accompanied with typical Asturian cider, because benefice the digestion of the beans. After some delicious ciders, came time to choose the dessert and we decided on : Rice Pudding. How delicious is in the Hortensia House!

Arroz-con-Leche-Casa-Hortensia-Los-Arys-BlogThe approximate Price is 35 euros per person. Here we let the online link of their letter. Something to note is that the dishes are very generous and will share it perfectly.

We recommend you to book early to T +34 915 390 090. The address is Pharmacy 2 Street, 2nd floor 28004- Madrid.

Did you know the Asturian gastronomy? Have you been at Hortensia House?