Discovering the collars

It is very important to know the collars at time of purchase. The type of neck, is a way to differentiate for everyday, casual, formal and others use. It is essential to know what kind of tie, bow tie or without supplements may use them.

Do not forget that it is an essential detail and preppy choose the most suitable for every occasion, for that matter in this post we’re going to count to the last detail so that your choice is the right one.

While there are many collars of shirts, we will tell you which are the most important 6 and more are on the market, so they can recognize and learn to choose them for every moment.


Below, we present you the 6 shirt collars that every man should know and thus differentiate with its elegant choice when going any social event or general culture.

To recognize the types of collars, we must take into account both the shape and distance of the points as the width of the neck. Here we have selected the most used 6 and its characteristics to consider suiting your style.

Cuello Ingles #LosArysKent or English Collar

It is the most traditional shirt collar characterized by closely spaced elongated and pointed, sometimes longer or shorter depending on camisero teacher. It should go with whales inside to generate more rigidity when using a tie. If you decide on this type of neck, do not forget that if the tips are very close together, tie loses prominence because it looks less.

An important point: When choosing the tie, as a narrower neck, keep in mind the width of it, so that the knot is perfect. Neck Kent or English is ideal for more formal looks.

Cuello Italiano #LosArys Italian Collar

The Italians created a more open neck, without losing elegance, with shorter and narrower points, the most common model on shirts you can find in stores. It is perfect to wear with or without a tie depending on the site where you will go. If you choose to wear a tie, being such an open neck, you can choose the widest windsor knot or half windsor, do not forget that the space between tines allows the knot is very visible and look elegantly. (Big difference with English neck).

 Cuello Semi-Italiano #LosArys Semi – Italian or French Collar

Is the neck we usually found by default on most shirts, practical, comfortable and stylish. It differs by not being so closed as English, nor too open as the Italian and the fundamental characteristic that distinguishes it from the rest of the necks, is the angle between its blades, this simple detail, allows it to be regarded as the style more versatile neck there.

It can be used to dress outfit everyday or for ceremonies, including the tuxedo or Morning Dress. It supports any type of tie knot, regardless if you like thicker or thinner or double knots, simple.

Cuello Opera #LosArys Opera or Someking Collar

It is the neck indicated for a ceremonies or gala, being the element indicated to demonstrate elegance in these important events. The most formal of all, suitable for suits strict etiquette as the tuxedo or tails. The peaks are small and separated. Therefore, it is especially attractive for the bow tie or bow tie.

The gala is used to give a special enhancement to the bow and in the ceremony is ideal for ties, curbstones, neckties, scarves seedlings as well. A highlight of this collar is that its aesthetic effect, without any doubt, do not give it a neck dress.

Cuello Americano #LosArys American Collar

n Europe, it is not used regularly, as its name suggests, is more like American countries. Its salient feature is that it incorporates a loop between the tips that can enhance the knot of its tie. There are buttons with or without the tip ends.

Shirts with American neck have become more informal, collars carrying button-down can be used open and if you do not take it , are ideal for always wear a tie.

They are perfect for a more casual and informal styling considering it is less formal than the others.

  Cuello Mao #LosArys Mao Collar

It’s a casual neck without flaps Eastern origin, no bending neither admits tie.

It is one of the most special collars that you can find, being short, open and raised, with rounded ends, which takes its inspiration from the costumes of Imperial China, hence its name.

This type of neck tie does not support lately is becoming popular as a youthful, more casual alternative to tuxedos. A light-hearted, different and current option. Remember that never wears with a tie.

Quality Shirts


The shirts are garments that can not miss in the closet of a gentleman, it is like a good pair of shoes, many of you understand me; But before differentiate necks, we would like to tell you what are the details to know if a shirt is quality or not. (Not always the price of it imposes quality).

There are many points to consider that can make us see that we are facing a quality shirt.


  • The original pearl buttons is a point in favor of a prominent shirt, and the hand-sewn buttonholes all, both the placket, and of the position and neck, if it would have any.
  • Another highlight should be the yoke back, which can be seen as signs of quality ,would be its partition into two halves, married shapes and drawings or hidden seams.
  •  Remember a good quality shirt notice of its kind in the detail of their cuffs and collars as well as on your buttons as we mentioned before.

Here we share some styles!





We hope you enjoyed the post today and especially that you can continue distilling elegance with shoes chords and a fragrance that impact with your presence.