Panama Hat

Also known as “Panama Hat”. It is the star accessory that more and more celebrities are encouraged to take. Here we can see some of the stars using it as Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Tom Cruise, Ian Somerhalder, among others.

Jenifer-Aniston-Panama-Hat-Blog-de-Los-Arys Tom-Cruise-Panama-Hat-Blog-de-Los-Arys.jpgPanama or “Panama Hat” history.

It was born in 1630 in Ecuador. As it begins its marketing from Panamá, it was named as “Panama hat”. A name which, in the course of time, has been in different languages.

The traditional clothing of panama hat, revolves around three provinces of Ecuador: Manabi, Azuay and Cañar. Each of these three zones during their history, has been developed a different ability with different techinques.

Cuenca is the historic seat of the exportation of “Panama hat” and the mountains surrounding the setting where hundreds of weavers spin with their hands linaloe. The raw material of these hats, its get to the “Carludovica Palmata” or better known as “STRAW TOQUILLA PALM”.

The quality of the hat, has conquered the taste and preference of many personalities, such as Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemmingway, Harry Truman y Paul Newman, among others.

PANAMA-BLOG-DE-LOS-ARYS-b- Benedict XVI has also been carried it in various occasions. Bergolio-PANAMA-BLOG-DE-LOS-ARYS-i

How Panama hat was made?

The making period is typically 2 to 4 months, because the finer the fabric, the more time and dedication will take the time of determination.

The development begins with the selection and collection of straw in the mountains of the coast and tropical valleys of the Ecuadorian highlands.

The making moves with a meticulous drying and natural Straw treatment without chemicals.

The fabric is handmade, it is used a Wheel of Wood which helps to give the shape of the glass, while with a tight leather handband and fabric mold remain. The skirt hat can be short or long, depending on the length of the straw used.

There are three fundamental secrest, among others, that determine the quality and Price of the panama hat.

1.– Quality cap Straw used, depends on its variety to pick as also the careful processing and handling.

2.– Neatness, skill and ability of the person who crafted weaves. 

3.– The Finish and modeling of the hat.


Here a video of manufacture thereof :

How to know if a “PANAMA HAT” is authentic?

Not all are equal , because there are from $10 to $1.000. Today we offer you 5 tips to recognize an original one. The hats that are woven in Mexico, China, Peru and Colonia are beginning to use the word “authentic Panama hat” when in reality is a lie , and to differentiate them , we must consider:

1.Refine your smell and touch it : It gives off a distinctive smell? So they are good! The fake ones are made of plastic and therefore, do not smell. Do not forget that the real Panama hat was made of straw of a palm tree. Is it smooth? You can take it, because it is good.Tejido-Panama-Hat-Blog-de-Los-Arys

2. Look it inside : the fewer gaps are between , the best fabric. And therefore, higher quality. By looking inside the crown of the hat, we will see a series of rings, which have been shaped with knots of straw. The more we find will be better quality.  Pay attention in the image This not is Panama Hat!!Panama-Hat-no-legitimo-blog-de-Los-Arys

3. Less is More : How many “Panama hat” you see in the stores? If you can see hundreds stacked, it is a reason for distrust. Artisans said that the authentic hats should be stored so they do not deform with the movement of tourists. The idea is to showcase a few and give to the prospective buyer only a hat of him/her size.

4. Ask for your size: if in a store, they measure your head, to offer a hat. Perfect! Is a pretty good clue that they are craftsmen and the hat which they are selling to you is quality. Another thing to consider is that the real one, can never be wet, because it is made by straw so it will absorb the water and it will be ruined forever.

5. Interior tags: if it only have a strip of cloth and there is nothing written in it, You have it easy! It is not original. However, if inside it you find the word Montecristi is a good sign, although not definitive because it may have been faked.  It costs ranges from 200 u$s exceeding 1000 u$s onwards.Etiquetas-Panama-Hat-Blog-de-Los-Arys




Currently the Panama hat are used by men and elegant women with a wonderful style for various occasions.


PANAMA-BLOG-DE-LOS-ARYS-k PANAMA-BLOG-DE-LOS-ARYS-ok PANAMA-BLOG-DE-LOS-ARYS-ok1 What do you think about the history of Panama hat? Would you use it? We love this amazing brand: Panama Hat Mallorca.