Mano Macchiato

Boelo Jane is a successful Dutch designer who can count with many celebrities in his fan base.

His style can be best described as “elegant rock” and is known for the unique use of leather in his creations. His collection “pret-a-porter” works step by step with his clients to create unique leather garments.

The leather in common was the instant connection between Jane and Mano Macchiato.

Pin Verest by Mano Macchiato focuses on unique clothes tailored, with some personal touches and flair that is David Blaine’s logo on the back of each shoe.

Mano Macchiato

The Verest family has been in the shoe business since 1855. His great-grandfather was a shoemaker . Over 100 years later, his father opened his first shoe store in Valkenswaard … “It was there where we fell in love for canvas Leather”. ..Says Jane.

Mano Macchiato shoes are entirely handmade in Italy. Each model has a unique and incomparable style. They use the finest calf leathers, available to ensure shoes to distinguished craftsmanship.

The Classic Line Mano, comes in three aerodynamic designs that make them perfect for both casual occasions or elegant.

The Blake construction provides cushioning to the feet. Jane says … “To our distinguished line, we challenge our friends in Italy to create the best shoe that in they could never do ..”

The Opanka & Blake creation give these wonderful pieces of great durability without sacrificing confort and flexibility.

The shoes were the starting point, bur Mano Macchiato quickly evolved the accessories, the furniture and the lasts fashion trends.

Since 2012, they offers handmade accessories under the name of “Dutch Masterpieces”, some of those, are manufactured in Holland. They really offer us style and absolutely exclusive.

Here we let you a video where Jane Boelo shows us his art.

Mano Macchiato – Where Leather meets Art

Mano Macchiato Works only by appointment. You can contact with them through their E-Mail:

Mano Macchiato funciona solo con  cita, puedes ponerte en contacto con ellos a traves de su correo electrònico

Two places in the world : Greene Street, Soho New York City // Passage 11 5554 AH, Valkenswaard The Netherlands

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