Design objects

Do you like design objects? Ever have drawn your attention to decorate your home?

The designers are thinking ideas to carry them out and surprise us with elements that can decorate our house and still be functional. It probably happened to you find home furnishings where certain objects called your attention for it’s originality.

We choose 7 items that had been designed to conquer you. Here is a modern towel racks for bathrooms with shape of “Clip”. What do you think?

adjuntoEver thought of putting on the water we drink, fruit ice with bubbles inside?.  Find out what a good choice for a healthy and natural drink.. What do you think of this?

Fruits Frozen blog Los Arys Jarra Fruits Blog Los Arys

A fun and original way to start breakfast with rhis Pitcher!

Jarra Milk Blog Los Arys

Design Jarra Milk Blog Los Arys

Ever thought that the sashimi can be placed on the deskopt? What do you think of these pieces of sushi?

Sushi Stapler Design Blog Los ArysSushi Stapler Design Blog Los Arys At the tea time, did you think enjoy delicious macarons? And how about as seats?

Design Macarons Blog Los ArysDesign Macarons Blog Los ArysDesign Macarons Blog Los Arys

Teapots are still parts that are a must in our home, and what better tan a modern one?Sorapot by Joey Roth Blog Los Arys

 Which would you choose?