The Tandil mountains (Buenos Aires)

Tandil is located 433 km from the capital of Buenos Aires, about 4 hours by car. Spend a weekend in the mountains, it is an option that many choose and consider when seeking a different destination, with many opportunities to enjoy.


Tandil-Mapa-LosArysBesides “Movediza Stone”, Tandil offers some beautiful places, The Centinela Hill, The Dock, The Calvario, among others increasingly become more attractive. Today we share our experience in this beautiful city.

Breakfast at Hotel Golf & Spa Amaike is a unique experience to be lived. The Hotel is located on the hills overlooking the golf course creating a wonderful horizon. It was designed by architect James Donaldson and decorated by Javier Trueba who provided a distinguished with many details in wood that blend in with the natural surroundings creating an incredible visual harmony seal.

Hotel-Amaike-Tandil-Blog-Los-Arys-12Hotel-Amaike-Tandil-Blog-Los-Arys-13 Here we share the quality and service with which they have welcomed us to enjoy this exquisite breakfast with endless details !! Welcome to the Amaike Golf & Spa salon

Hotel-Amaike-en-el-Blog-de-LosArysHotel-Amaike-Tandil-Blog-Los-Arys8Hotel-Amaike-en-el-Blog-de-LosArys-7Hotel-Amaike-en-el-Blog-de-LosArys-9 Argentinian Facturas make the “mate” not feel so alone.Hotel-Amaike-en-el-Blog-de-LosArys-14Hotel-Amaike-en-el-Blog-de-LosArys-15Hotel-Amaike-en-el-Blog-de-LosArys-4Various cakes and tarts …Hotel-Amaike-en-el-Blog-de-LosArys-17Hotel-Amaike-en-el-Blog-de-LosArys-16Hotel-Amaike-en-el-Blog-de-LosArys-13Homemade artisan breads to accompany cheeses, cold cuts, scrambled eggs and bacon!Hotel-Amaike-Tandil-Blog-Los-Arys-4Hotel-Amaike-en-el-Blog-de-LosArys-10Hotel-Amaike-Tandil-Blog-Los-Arys5Hotel-Amaike-Tandil-Blog-Los-Arys-3Hotel-Amaike-en-el-Blog-de-LosArys-18Hotel-Amaike-en-el-Blog-de-LosArys-11Hotel-Amaike-en-el-Blog-de-LosArys-12Hotel-Amaike-Tandil-Blog-Los-Arys7Hotel-Amaike-Tandil-Blog-Los-Arys-2For the most Naturist, a selection of fruit juices and smoothies as well as a variety of seeds and natural fruit compotes …Hotel-Amaike-en-el-Blog-de-LosArys-8Hotel-Amaike-Tandil-en-el-Blog-de-LosArys-19Hotel-Amaike-en-el-Blog-de-LosArys-3   Hotel-Amaike-en-el-Blog-de-LosArys-5 Hotel-Amaike-en-el-Blog-de-LosArys-6   Hotel-Amaike-Tandil-Blog-Los-ArysHotel-Amaike-en-el-Blog-de-LosArys-1 We can choose to have breakfast in a very warm room, another good option, if the weather is good, on their terrace where we can delight unparalleled views . If you do not want to stay at the Hotel but would like to have breakfast in these magnificent facilities, you can make your reservation Here .

Hotel-Amaike-Tandil-Blog-Los-Arys9Hotel-Amaike-Tandil-Blog-Los-Arys-11Hotel-Amaike-Tandil-Blog-Los-Arys-10After our delicious breakfast in Amaike Golf & Spa,we decided to make the sculptures of Don Quixote and Sancho Pansa located on the hills opposite the dock. You can drive up and enjoy the great views offered by this strategic point..Don-Quijote-y-Sancho-Pansa-Tandil-Blog-LosArys-2Don-Quijote-y-Sancho-Pansa-Tandil-Blog-LosArys-5 Don-Quijote-y-Sancho-Pansa-Tandil-Blog-LosArys Don-Quijote-y-Sancho-Pansa-Tandil-Blog-LosArys-3 Don-Quijote-y-Sancho-Pansa-Tandil-Blog-LosArys-4After enjoying the mountains, we decided to visit Epoch Cheese a house in a very emblematic corner in the city. Its life begins with the arrival of Ramón Santamarina, a Spanish who had come to Argentina around year 1850. The Municipality of Tandil states the ranch as a historical monument, the only corner of the city that hasn’t got ochava.Epoca-de-Quesos-Tandil-LosArysEpoca-de-Quesos-Tandil-LosArys-Blog-12Today you can visit it , buy their cheeses and meats as well as taste their snacks and craft meals either inside the house or in its magical playground that fills us with memories with good characteristic details of those, who from there you can refresh memories our grandparents. Let’s show the inside, it’s like a trip to the time you will never forget.Epoca-de-Quesos-Tandil-LosArys-Blog-21Epoca-de-Quesos-Tandil-LosArys-Blog-14Epoca-de-Quesos-Tandil-LosArys-Blog-18Epoca-de-Quesos-Tandil-LosArys-Blog-17Epoca-de-Quesos-Tandil-LosArys-Blog-20Epoca-de-Quesos-Tandil-LosArys-Blog-16After traveled and seeing so many temptations, came time to eat a rich ground, and nothing better than here.  Franco and Light Thanks for the good treatment they gave us at all times.Epoca-de-Quesos-Los-Arys-Tandil-2Epoca-de-Quesos-Tandil-LosArys-BlogWe chose a table on the patio of the ranch, the day was wonderful to enjoy the fresh air in the shade of its wisteria in bloom!Epoca-de-Quesos-Los-Arys-TandilEpoca-de-Quesos-Tandil-LosArys-Blog-2Epoca-de-Quesos-Tandil-LosArys-Blog-4Letter in hand and checked our order, salad greens, caprese and minced with a variety of cheeses and meats that struggled to finish .!Epoca-de-Quesos-Tandil-LosArys-Blog-3  Epoca-de-Quesos-Tandil-LosArys-Blog-5Epoca-de-Quesos-Tandil-LosArys-Blog-9Epoca-de-Quesos-Tandil-LosArys-Blog-7Epoca-de-Quesos-Tandil-LosArys-Blog-6 After minced, an exquisite tea in Matera, a wonderful place! which reminds us very much of the daily life of our Argentinian gauchosEpoca-de-Quesos-Tandil-Los-Arys--7We recommend “Epoca de Queso” to every tourist who visits Tandil. We leave its website under the Post!Epoca-de-Quesos-Tandil-Los-Arys-We’re headed to Castle Independence Park where we have a panoramic view of the city. The evening ends and the sun sets over the entrance of Independency Park creating a magical sunset and ideal time for photographing Tandil .Parque-Independencia-Tandil-LosArysLos-Arys-en-Tandil It’s time to drop the castle because it awaits us the first and only arrocería in Tandil called Land of crocuses! Upon arrival, Ricardo Restó owner tells us that the idea was born in Spain and was consolidated when he returned to Argentina combining the experience and working on Spanish cuisine with tastes of our culture. An excellent mix !! We can only say that we have dined spectacular and very soon in the food section you will have more details showing their stuff and more pictures. We recommend this place to anyone visiting Tandil as local people who do not know because they visited Earth Crocuses always want to return. It is located at Av. Santamarina esq. San Martín.Tierra-de-Azafranes-Tandil-LosArysOn leaving Land of crocuses, with spirit to continue knowing ,we went to tour the old town at night .Here we share some photos.

Tandil-Los-ArysThe Municipality.

Municipalidad-de-Tandil-LosArysThe House of the Culture

Casa-de-Cultura-Tandil-LosArysMain Square of Tandil

Plaza-Tadil-LosArysA new day begins in the city, with multiple options to choose from and knowing.

The Moving Stone was a rock about 300 tons stood poised on the edge of a hill, hence it is called shifting because depending on the change and climate states it swayed in place, although it fell in 1912, is still in force history. On May 17, 2007 was officially opened replication Moving Stone in the place where once stood, calling Lítico Park Moving Stone of Tandil.


The Centinela Hill is another option for those who enjoy the heights, you can make a circuit in ascending chairlift to the top of the hill where you can drink in the highest part of the city as it has a café terraces to enjoy the views of these Sierras, there you can also make a walking tour and reach natural water shed.Cerro-Centinela-Tandil-LosArysCalvary is where all the Stations of the Cross in stone sculptures are recreated on a hillside at Easter. The replica of Christ on the cross is a true copy of which is in the French town of Brittany.

El-Calvario-Tandil-LosArys-1 El-Calvario-Tandil-LosArysAfter this Trail was time to take Mate and what better place than the Bar El Firpo Lavie, where we expect the list to prime Pava. The singer Raul Lavie and his family reopened the doors of the bar with a new concept in the gastronomic area dedicated to tourists but also citizens of Tandil.

Created in 1908, The Firpo reopens July 6, 2013, this time at the hands of Raul Lavie, who feels a special bond with the city of Tandil and specifically with the history of this iconic Bar Tandilense full of tradition.

It will be within the cultural project of the Municipality “Tango for Bars” and in turn offer various Shows, becoming the cultural part in one of its strengths.

With Simon Sanchez Trias in the kitchen, in the morning you will find country breakfast and the best coffee of Tandil. At noon, Creole dishes and picnics in the evenings, matte to share and fat cakes. As After-office, the historic bolichero vermouth, beer and typical chopped of Tandil. In the evenings, cuisine, where culinary art will be your main character.Bar-Firpo-de-La-Vie-Tandil-Los-ArysHere we were received from  Agustina’s daughter Ariel Raul Lavie and her husband to enjoy some delicious Argentine Mates!Los Arys en Firpo la Vie TandilBar-Firpo-la-Vie-Tandil-LosArys-10Bar-Firpo-la-Vie-Tandil-LosArys-9Bar-Firpo-la-Vie-Tandil-LosArys-13We prepare the snack . We put the Yerba mate and water at 90 degrees is all set to begin, accompany with Toasted homemade bread, apple pie and pastafrola (a cake stuffed with quince).Bar-Firpo-la-Vie-Tandil-LosArys-14Bar-Firpo-la-Vie-Tandil-LosArys-11Bar-Firpo-la-Vie-Tandil-LosArys-16Bar-Firpo-la-Vie-Tandil-LosArys-1 Bar-Firpo-la-Vie-Tandil-LosArys-3 Bar-Firpo-la-Vie-Tandil-LosArys-4 Bar-Firpo-la-Vie-Tandil-LosArys-5 Bar-Firpo-la-Vie-Tandil-LosArys-7 Bar-Firpo-la-Vie-Tandil-LosArys-8To reach the bar, the address is July 14 and May 25, Tandil, it is certainly an appointment and must stop to enjoy any time of day. You can follow on Facebook FIRPO LA VIE

The evening begins in the city and is the best time to go to the dock area ..Dique-Tandil-Los-ArysWe have been  recommended a wonderful place to see the sunset and take some delicious smoothies or juices instead .. We go to the place that has become fashionable in town called Cabana Beach!Cabaña-Beach-Tandil-Los-ArysLos-Arys-en-Cabaña-Beach-Tandil-9Los-Arys-en-Cabaña-Beach-TandilLos-Arys-en-Cabaña-Beach-Tandil-3Los-Arys-en-Cabaña-Beach-Tandil-8Los-Arys-en-Cabaña-Beach-Tandil-1

For summer evenings Beach Shack offers snacks, beer, all kinds of drinks and the most exotic drinks from the City. At night music in the sand where in summer season surprise us with DJ guests such as Tommy Muñozentre, among others. Cabin is located behind the Tennis Tandil located in the Dock, you can follow all activity on Facebook Cabana Beach.

Los-Arys-en-Cabaña-Beach-Tandil-11After this evening so funny, we prepare for a very special dinner at a Restaurant you will love called No Reservations. Upon arrival we waited Gaston, owner of this gastronomic paradise. We can only overtake your dishes are amazing, the first class and all the details will have an exclusive post and dedicated to gastronomy No Booking section of our blog.Restaurant-Sin-Reservas-Los-Arys-Tandil-An exquisite lead advancement … Trout salad with avocado, mango, carrots and green leaves. A picture is worth a thousand words..Restaurant-Sin-Reservas-Tandil-Los-ArysAfter the wonderful dinner, the night was ideal for a drink outdoors enjoying the Garden Chill out who has the subtracted No Reservations, we offer this great trip.

We want to thank the people who helped to commend these wonderful places as well to Tourism Tandil who have been very present in social networks supporting us for the realization of this Post.

Thank you very much, Paula Echeveste Pharmacy Tandil, Celeste Yannibelli Eco Media, The Safe sisters, Andrea and Natalia Landa for his recommendations, Ricardo Land of crocuses, Gaston of No Reservations, Jorge Garzón cabin Beach, Agustina and Ariel Firpo Lavié , the excellent team of Hotel Resort Golf and Spa Amaike, among others.


What have seemed to you Tandil? What place has liked you more?

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Epoca de Quesos

Tierra de Azafranes

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