L’Orangerie, Sunday Brunch Alvear Palace Hotel.

Sunday in Buenos Aires took another dimension since the Sunday Brunch Hotel Alvear Palace exists. It is neither a breakfast nor lunch; it is much more than that. This trend is imposed as a casual option and gourmet. For years the Brunch has taken a special place in this elegant hotel at Buenos Aires capital.

Visit the Alvear Palace, it is a fantastic experience that has transported us to Europe. Details such as marble floors, crystal chandeliers, its delicate rooms with natural light, the decoration and being surrounded by a harmonious winter garden make it special.

While Brunch is always in the room where the winter garden is, this time it was occupied by a private event and have done it in another cozy lounge that has the hotel.

Here we share some pictures !!Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-70Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-68Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-67Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-7Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-62Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-64Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-65Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-66The L’Orangerie restaurant is inside the Hotel Alvear Palace and is where the brunch is made more than 10 years every Sunday from 12: 30hs to 16hs. Too late for breakfast and too early for lunch. The brunch is the perfect fusion of both meals. Its name comes precisely from the English combination of the first letters of the word breakfast and last of the words of lunch, from there comes brunch.Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-21Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-12You can taste an international buffet where seafood, game meats and delicious desserts will be one of the main reasons to return. No doubt it will be a time that you can enjoy with family or surprise your partner starting a different Sunday.Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-15Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-19Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-18Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-16Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-10Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-11There is a very wide variety to choose from and quality is monitored by its exclusive Chef named Federico who is in charge and together with his team make your experience at the Sunday Brunch at the Alvear Palace unforgettable. We will tell you what things  have tempted us. It starts with a glass of Champagne Brut Nature, Rutini is an amazing option.!Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-#LosArysBrunch-Hotel-Alvear-#LosArys-3Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-#LosArys-2Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-#LosArysNobles and Mediterranean flavors were chosen to start our Brunch. At the plate, grilled pink salmon with sesame, clam, couscous, caviar and bocconcini (Italian buffalo mozzarella) served with cherry tomatoes and basil.Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArysSunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-#LosArys-4We continue with vegetables, palm hearts, smoked salmon and other delicacies.Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-5Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-#LosArys-2Hot dishes that we tasted, have an interesting variety of meats and side dishes that have delighted us. In this first option we choose Boar meat with vegetables, grilled sweetbreads and black rice. Never before have had we tasted the meat of wild boar, we must tell you that it tasted fine and it was at its right point!Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-25Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-26Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-24Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-22And the other hot plate was golden quail sauce served with black rice and couscous. Quail meat has seemed to us a bit strong, but we had intrigue in taste it. Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-23After tasting these delicacies, we invite you to see some pictures of sweets and delicatessen  that offers Sunday brunch Alvear. It will not lack the sophisticated cart Cristofle in which they serve Gros Pièce filleted at the moment and to complete the fine pastry, about twenty French patisserie options. Including homemade cheesecake, different types of mousse, red fruit, salad, homemade puddings and other delicious gourmet.Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-29Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-41Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-31Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-43Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-35Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-32Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-33Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-34Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-37Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-38Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-40We assure you that there has not been an easy task to decide where to start, and of course if sweets are your downfall, this will be your paradise! Do not forget to try the rum flambé pancakes with vanilla ice cream, an experience from the moment you order it until you take it to the table, impossible to resist …Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-54Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-39Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-48Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-47Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-46Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-49Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-50Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-51Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-60Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-55Tea on the table waiting for us to enjoy after the selection of delicious sweets.Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-58Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-27Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-28Another option that you cannot ignore is the delicious crème brulee, we have chosen it on the recommendation of the Chef Federico and certainly it was spectacular.!Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-30Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-44Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-56Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-61Sunday-Brunch-Hotel-Alvear-Palace-#LosArys-59Facts to consider:

‘The dress code is formal or casual.

-It’s necessary to make a reservation at (+5411) 4808-2949 or at the following link: Sunday Brunch Alvear..

-The address of Alvear Palace Hotel Buenos Aires is Av. Alvear 1891, Recoleta, CABA

-the Value per person is $ 800 Argentinian pesos, 54 euros or US $ 60. All-inclusive price updated to June 2015.