Dinner at Saigon Coffee

The Saigon Coffee is one of five restaurants Saigon joining the Group being the indisputable leader of the best Asian cuisine in all its styles and variations.

The attention to detail, passion for things well done, using the best product and personalized service define the philosophy of a modern and dynamic group that already has restaurants in Madrid, Marbella and Alicante, all meeting point excellence and gourmet demanding public.

Tonight we attended this restaurant for a special celebration with friends and have chosen like starter..

Scallops with lemon grass based pumpkin and shrimp Hakao Assorted vegetables sautéed wook … Shall we start?

Cafe-Saigon-#LosArysScallops with lemon grass based Pumpkin

Cafe-Saigon-#LosArys-7 Hakao shrimp

Cafe-Saigon-#LosArys-8Cafe-Saigon-#LosArys-13Assorted vegetables sautéed wook.

Cafe-Saigon-#LosArys-1 Main course; Salad with glass noodles with chicken.

Cafe-Saigon-#LosArys-2Cafe-Saigon-#LosArys-4Cafe-Saigon-#LosArys-5Cafe-Saigon-#LosArys-9The star dish was duck breast with eggplant curry. We recommend you try it, achieve perfectly merge the balance of poultry and vegetables with an exquisite aroma and flavor.

Cafe-Saigon-#LosArys-14Cafe-Saigon-#LosArys-6Cafe-Saigon-#LosArys-3Yellow Chicken Curry

Cafe-Saigon-#LosArys-10 Cafe-Saigon-#LosArys-11Was time for a delicious cheesecake dessert!!

Cafe-Saigon-#LosArys-15Apple with vanilla ice cream was the second option ..

Cafe-Saigon-#LosArys-16It was a wonderful experience, a Cantonese restaurant that fuses cuisine, sechuan and Peking, tailored to European tastes, with traditional and innovative dishes as well as some Vietnamese dishes. In your letter you can find traditional dishes and sophisticated proposals.

Cafe-Saigon-#LosArys-18Saigon Coffee is located at Maria de Molina 4 street ,their phone for bookings is 915 631 566. It is a very good option to know other cuisine and enjoy fine dining.

Did you know the fusion of Vietnamese food?