Men clothing at a wedding.

In today’s article, we tell you which are the garments that every man needs at the time of going to a wedding or be part of it. We find it interesting to tell you the importance of properly dressed to attend a social event of such importance. Being invited to the wedding or being one of the main protagonists ,nothing better than feeling comfortable and elegant.

Shoes, play an extremely important role. We definitely have to be clear about the color and design that will be choosing to match perfectly with the rest of the garments.

These are called Kingsman and are created by George Cleverley. They are black leather Oxford embody British style par excellence. They are made in England and will be very elected in the coming years. More from Kingsman here.

Wedding-Style-#LosArys-2If you wanted to choose another color and design of shoes, here we show you some that are made by Edward Green Derby. Meticulously they manufactured with traditional methods and high-quality matte leather. The line is streamlined creating a “sharper definition”, is a hallmark of the brand and exudes timeless style. The great brown is very refined for these occasions.

More from Edward Green Derby Wedding-Style-#LosArys-3

If you dare more, these shoes can conquer you . It is an elegant version of Grenson and are created from grain – touch welted leather sole – Goodyear making them very durable. The tip is gently polished with a custom patina. The characteristic holes, are the classic hallmark of these great shoes. See more models  in  Grenson.


After choosing the shoes, let’s define what we would put on as suit. It could be this smart American Gieves & Hawkes. It is made from lightweight linen creating depth and a wonderful texture. It combines perfectly with a white shirt, burgundy tie and trousers classic matching.Wedding-Style-#LosArys-4Wedding-Style-#LosArysIf you are thinking of a more sophisticated style, the chaqué, was developed in the 1890s and Jermyn Street with the company Favourbrook remain faithful to the first designs. This version of Bedford are impeccable, with silk grosgrain and hidden pocket anthem. Undoubtedly, this traditional cover-up, is a distinguished choice for the big day. Here everything is shown with a Turnbull and Asser shirt, vest, pants Favourbrook, cufflinks and tie Lanvin Drake.Wedding-Style-#LosArys-11This elegant linen jacket and satin Favourbrook, has a formal and traditional design. This garment is handmade, is finished with an adjustable rear buckle to achieve the exact fitted. The pink hue adds a value added for the season of weddings. Here we see it matched with Turnbull and Asser shirt, coat and trousers Favourbrook. The tie is from Charvet ,shoes and cufflinks Church Lanvin.Wedding-Style-#LosArys-5 Wedding-Style-#LosArys-6The burnished, providing much personality but still vintage of your choice for events in Autumn-Winter.

J. Crew Ludlow is one of the most beloved styles, with a tight and cut the right size. The result is a very modern and sophisticated attire. This dark brown version is made from a kind of soft wool. The texture is from Vitale Barberis Canonico a Biellanese family-owned mill has been around for 15 generations fine fabrics. In the picture it is combined with matching pants, a shirt of Alex Mill, Drake tie shoes, Paul Smith.Wedding-Style-#LosArys-17The twins are always eye-catching accessories in a man. In this case, the silver bullion Alfred Dunhill is an option to earn the most exclusive looks. They are made in the UK, down to the last detail. They are the ideal accessory that fits many of the shirts in your closet and use them multiple times.Wedding-Style-#LosArys-9If you’re the kind of twin circular, here is a short list. Dunhill elegant emblem is engraved in mother pearl set in the front. The silver-tone metal, combined with any dress shirt in your collection for a classic and distinguished finish.WEDDING-STYLE-#LosArys-19The belts are a must, ‘less is more’. Dunhill has fine and classic lines. Recall that are not protagonist  in the outfit. These in particular are ideal for formal wear, you can choose the black or brown depending on the color combination and shoes.Wedding-Style-#LosArys-13Many men are being encouraged to classic lapel pin type rosette of Lanvin. Certainly intensify achieved more formal looks. This particular is designed with wool fabric petals on a silver pin. The dark blue color, exudes a very authentic style. Wedding-Style-#LosArys-15And for the classic men’s nothing better than this great ‘pocket square’ silk and moles. The founder Drake (Michael Drake), said that the blue tones are always a good starting point. We totally agree. This particular model is very versatile and will bring a lot of life to suit your choice.Wedding-Style-#LosArys-20We have loved to share with you some tips menswear for weddings. We invite you to know the classics watches  from Daniel Wellington, you’ll love them.