Lunch at the Japanese Garden Buenos Aires restaurant.

The Japanese Garden Restaurant is one of the places you could not miss on your visit to Buenos Aires. It really is an unforgettable experience and a special connection with the East in the same Buenos Aires capital. The restaurant is one of the services offered by the Japanese Garden and really worth enjoy lunch, dinner or delicious afternoon tea.

Before I tell you more about the restaurant, we highlight the premises of the Japanese Garden. We invite you to experience from the front door!Jardín-Japonés-Buenos-Aires-#LosArysWe will see when entering different types of bridges and each has its very important meaning to them, ‘The bridges symbolize passing from one world to another’. There is a curved red bridge connecting the central island park known as ‘The Island of the Gods’, from there we see incredible views across the garden. We tell you that the great family of koi fish living in the lake are of different colors and let you feed them special food sold in the garden shop, you’ll love the experience!Jardín-Japonés-#LosArys-Buenos-Aires-12Jardín-Japonés-#LosArys-Buenos-Aires-10Jardín-Japonés-#LosArys-Buenos-Aires-11Jardín-Japonés-Buenos-Aires-#LosArys-7Japanese Garden of Buenos Aires was inaugurated in 1967 to honor the current Japanese princes and emperors during their visit to Argentina. The Argentine-Japanese community became a section of the Tres de Febrero Park in an authentic Japanese garden where harmony and balance are the main characters of the same.

It is distinguished not only in its design but also in its floral and fish species. Today certainly the garden, it is a picture of the culture and architecture – landscape of Japan

To visit it you can enjoy a visual relaxation where the microclimate that makes up the lake, vegetation and bridges, made you completely disconnect from the chaos of the city.Jardín-Japonés-#LosArys-Buenos-Aires-14Jardín-Japonés-#LosArys-Buenos-Aires-16Jardín-Japonés-#LosArys-Buenos-AiresWithin the Japanese Garden we could visit a nursery (we can buy orchids, bonsai and other species). It also has a cultural center, a library and a souvenir shop!Restaurante-Jardín-Japonés-#LosArys-Buenos-Aires-6Orquídeas-en-Jardín-Japonés-#LosArys-Buenos-AiresJardín-Japonés-Buenos-Aires-#LosArys-5Jardín-Japonés-Buenos-Aires-#LosArys-3-After the wonderful tour and by the end of the garden, we visualize the restaurant, its architecture and design make it unique. ¡It Is  time of Japanese food lunch time and what better place than here!Jardín-Japonés-#LosArys-Buenos-Aires-15Jardín-Japonés-#LosArys-Buenos-Aires-6The restaurant, characterizes by its authentic sushi. Itself, is made in view of diners, but also they make delicious dishes of traditional Japanese cuisine. You can choose Japanese style tables where you must remove your shoes and with dim lighting, make the people choice them again and again.

The decor is minimalist and has a very committed service to the customer, such features are the key in the restaurant. We recommend asking for a table near the window and enjoy your senses , that it will definitely be unforgettable. Great views of the Japanese Garden is like a tableau, no season that is better than another for enjoying the garden, all have their charm.

Jardín-Japonés-Buenos-Aires-#LosArys-2We chose a tasting of different pieces of sushi  at the best Japanese style, here we share with you some pictures. To start and with courtesy of the house, they served us a salmon mousse, it was exquisite !!Restaurante-Jardín-Japonés-#LosArys-Buenos-AiresThen comes the tasting sushi where sashimi and every roll left in us, an authentic and unique flavor. This is another reason why we have decided to write this article.Sushi-Jardín-Japonés-#LosArys-Buenos-AiresJardín-Japonés-#LosArys-Buenos-Aires-2Jardín-Japonés-#LosArys-Buenos-Aires-5Jardín-Japonés-#LosArys-Buenos-Aires-4Restaurante-Jardin-Japonés-#LosArys-3Sushi-Jardín-Japonés-#LosArys-Buenos-Aires-2After lunch we recommend a rich infusion, they have different types of tea that make the food feel great.Restaurante-Jardín-Japonés-#LosArys-Buenos-Aires-5After tea, we decided one last walk around the garden to say goodbye to this wonderful place and take a few photos.

We would like to tell you that the Cultural Complex and Environmental Japanese Garden has been declared “National Historical-Artistic Interest”. It is administered by the Japanese Argentine Cultural Foundation and the same is self-financed with the proceeds raised by the payment of the entrance. Does not receive external subsidies.

Getting and reservations:

-Direction Of Japanese Garden: Avenida Figueroa Alcorta y Avenida Casares, en Palermo.

-Courage of admission is $ 50 pesos, about $ 4 or 5 euros.

-It is open every day from 10 to 18 hours.

– To book Table in the restaurant you can communicate at (+5411) 4800-1322.