Lunch at the Mar del Plata Golf Club

In the month of December, in our trip to Argentina we had lunch in the Restaurant Mar del Plata Golf Club and is an experience that you cannot stop doing when you visit the Atlantic Coast Argentina. Mar del Plata Golf Club, is one of the oldest golf course of America and Club House is the place where the Restaurant is found, opened in 1926.

The purity of its design, Tudor style and nobility of the materials with which it was built, it is transferred a manor that can be seen on the outside and that is reflected especially inside.

We chose a Sunday day and it was where we turned around 12: 30h. Upon entering the Club House, reminded us to some parts of Europe, the aroma of wood, antique furniture as well as ceilings worked … Great place!

Mar-del-Plata-Golf-Club-#LosArys-37Roof Details classroom where is the Restaurant, we love it!Restaurant-Mar-del-Plata-Golf-Club-#LosArys-18Restaurant-Mar-del-Plata-Golf-Club-#LosArys-17We chose a table overlooking the coast of Argentine Sea, not every day is lunch in a place like this. Let’s enjoy it !!Restaurant-Mar-del-Plata-Golf-Club-#LosArys-24Once seated, letter in hand when choosing our lunch … It all sounds very tempting .. While the waiter has recommended us pastas, we prefer to see the menu and other options ..Restaurant-Mar-del-Plata-Golf-Club-#LosArysPerfect, we have already chosen to start this great lunch!Restaurant-Mar-del-Plata-Golf-Club-#LosArys-1Spatter Ave for the entree. This is a salad with cubes of grilled chicken breast, carrots, tomatoes, onions, green peppers and lettuce leaves. We get some tortilla chips appetizer Parmesan painted with olive oil alongside our sparkling water and lemon. They bring to us spice balsamic vinegar extra virgin olive oil Lopez, (a brand of wine Argentina also dedicated to olive oil).Restaurant-Mar-del-Plata-Golf-Club-#LosArys-5Restaurant-Mar-del-Plata-Golf-Club-#LosArys-7Restaurant-Mar-del-Plata-Golf-Club-#LosArys-3Restaurant-Mar-del-Plata-Golf-Club-#LosArys-4Restaurant-Mar-del-Plata-Golf-Club-#LosArys-9 Main Course, Pink Salmon fillet with mashed potatoes and pumpkin naturally .. The pictures explain their flavor and color .. Standing in the Argentina coast, we can not fail to try the catch of the day. We recommend this plate! They make it so tasty and filling.Restaurant-Mar-del-Plata-Golf-Club-#LosArys-14Restaurant-Mar-del-Plata-Golf-Club-#LosArys-15Restaurant-Mar-del-Plata-Golf-Club-#LosArys-13Restaurant-Mar-del-Plata-Golf-Club-#LosArys-11The dessert we chose is a Passion Fruit Mousse with berries, was in its right to be accompanied by the infusion point you like.Restaurant-Mar-del-Plata-Golf-Club-#LosArys-21Restaurant-Mar-del-Plata-Golf-Club-#LosArys-19After lunch, we decided to leave the garden of Mar del Plata Golf Club, contemplating its views, tennis, sea and a sunny day with a deep blue sky! While it is not allowed to take photos we thank the service of Golf for giving permission and allow us to make this article to all our supporters.

Mar-del-Plata-Golf-Club-#LosArys-29Restaurant-Mar-del-Plata-Golf-Club-#LosArys-124Restaurant-Mar-del-Plata-Golf-Club-#LosArys-25Mar-del-Plata-Golf-Club-#LosArys-30Mar-del-Plata-Golf-Club-#LosArys-26Mar-del-Plata-Golf-Club-#LosArys-27 Mar-del-Plata-Golf-Club-#LosArys-28Do not miss this wonderful experience in the city of Mar del Plata, no doubt you will love to enjoy this “Cathedral of Golf” as well it is called by their partners and the players who went around the world. To make your reservation at the Restaurant here we give you all the information.


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