Selfies most widely shared on social networks.

Although the use of selfies is not new, the term was not popularized until the early twenty-first century.  Before Facebook turned the social network par excellence, photographic self- portraits became very popular on MySpace. If we Remembered the selfie that has become popular in the famous Oscar , it was one of the most sought selfies in the  Internet!selfie_oscar-#LosArysA selfie is, in a word, a self-portrait. The term is generally used in the Internet world to refer to a self-portrait photograph published online. They are more and more popular in social networks and, whatsapp groups, as in the world of photography.Selfie-#losArysThe typical selfie is a person holding the camera or mobile device throughout his/her arm, pointing at himself. The photograph includes part of the arm, leaving no doubt that this is a self-portrait. There is also the embodiment of a self-portrait with a camera facing a mirror, even some versions include a reflection of flash.

The selfies have come to conquer even the cartoon, as in the case of Woody,a controversial character of Toy Story that many children love!_Woody's-Selfie-Toy-Story--#LosArys-Many famous, especially sex symbols have posted selfies for their followers in social networks, and some of the pictures are provocative or in some way ,interesting for regular press coverage. Here we can see some celebrities like Paris Hilton, Leo Messi, Jenifer Lopez and Meryl Streep!Selfie-Paris-Hilton-#LosArysMessi-The-Selfie-Shootout-#LosArys-jennifer-lopez-y-meryl-streep-selfie-#LosArysWe can see how Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, are fans of it and continually make it to share with their followers on social networks!Justin-Bieber-Miley-Cyrus-#Selfie-#LosArys- Katy-Perry-#Selfie-#LosArysHere Sylvester Stallone, Kim Kardashian, among others!Selfie-Famosos--#LosArys-Selfie-Famosos--#LosArys-2We want to tell you that the selfie is not just for singers and actors, also the presidents, look the case of Mariano Rajoy and Obama!Obama-Rajoy-#Selfie-#LosArysWe can also see how the selfie accompanies the air adventures or most extreme sports,making super fun and unforgettable memories.Selfie-Aventura-#LosArys-1For this type of selfie has used the selfie Stick or also called “Palo selfie”, which places the phone and via bluetooth connected allowing to make great photos !!Selfie-Aventural-Palo-Selfie-#LosArysThese were the selfies more shared in social networks with animals such as cats, dogs and super comic monkeys!Selfie-Cat-#LosArys Selfie-Dog-#LosArys   Selfie-Monkey-#LosArysWe also tend to make us selfies and share them on Instagram, Facebook y Twitter.

Here we have selected some that we like to include in the post of selfies!#Selfie-#LosArys-1 #Selfie-#LosArys-2 #Selfie-#LosArys-3 #Selfie-#LosArys-4 #Selfie-#LosArys-5Are you the selfie person type? Encourage yourself, it will be surely great!